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We find you the perfect job or find you the perfect candidate. With over 20 years experience recruiting outstanding candidates for premier companies in the Texarkana area. We help you get the results you want.

We are proud to be in our second decade of service! The partnerships we have established with both clients and candidates define who we are – real people creating lasting relationships. At Red Carpet we are dedicated to giving you an exceptional experience tailored to your specific situation. We accomplish this by listening carefully to your needs and looking beyond the obvious for creative solutions.

Visit the “Employers” link above to learn more details about the specific services you can depend on our staff for or ……….. better yet……..why not pick up the phone & call?

As an employer you need us if:

  • You need to “fill in” for an existing employee.
  • You need to supplement your output for a short time.
  • You need to hire someone on your staff but you would like the opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s skills & personality to see if they’re a “match” for what you’re seeking.
  • You would like to have access to a significantly larger applicant database.

Check out the “Applicants” link above for more information.  Our mission is based on serving our community through unequaled dedicated service.  Let us prove it! Phone us or email us NOW!

As a job seeker you need us if:

  • You need to “open” doors of opportunity previously unavailable to you.
  • You wish to enjoy “flexible” employment in a wide variety of environments. You desire professional representation and suggestions toward your career goals.
  • You need to professionally “spruce up” or update your resume. You need to practice up on your interviewing skills.
  • You need to “certify” your skills in a professional testing environment.
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Experience Matters

The Red Carpet team has over 20 years experience matching candidates with employers. Don’t expend valuable assets on workforce development when we can do the job for you. It makes sense to turn over your staffing and human resources services to Red Carpet because our core mission is to find and deploy a top-notch workforce to help you maximize your bottom line.

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