We Are

A Full service staffing  firm

In business since 1993 offering “temporary staffing solutions” to all types of employers. Additionally RCEA can assist applicants with interviewing, training, resume preparation, and “first impression” recommendations. These services are customarily “no charge” to the applicants as long as the applicant is using these tools to acquire jobs through our firm..

We Have

A dedicated team of professionals

RCEA is a team of staffing professionals dedicated to serving our clients with the highest levels of quality, integrity and service. We are client-focused, dedicated to gaining a clear understanding of your specific staffing requirements and  objectives before proceeding with any placement. We are also outcome-centric, approaching each project with the client’s end goal in mind.

We Offer

A Personalized 1:1 staffing solution

Our firm works closely with its client companies to remain flexible in achieving the mutually shared team goal of procuring the “right” employment candidates for the needs of the client.  ONE reason we’re capable of this flexible structure is that we’re an independent firm rather than being part of an inflexible corporate structure.  Many of our corporate clients appreciate this ability in contrast to the sometimes rigid situations they customarily endure.

Why Choose Us?

Our History

Established January 17, 1993, Red Carpet Employment Agency was founded on the premise of “rolling out the red carpet” for employees and employers.  Being a multigenerational full service staffing agency has provided opportunity for flexibility in creating services that allow for the best possible selection for longevity.  Our primary objective is to help as many families as we can because our family has been in those same shoes and walked that same walk.  We tell our clients and employees, “We hope you never need us again but if you do, we’ll be here.”

Mission Statement

  • to help our client contacts keep their commitments to their employer by consistently providing them with excellent candidates at a fair price.
  • to perform due diligence necessary to accurately verify an applicant’s true skill set beyond their printed credentials.
  • to constantly consider our client’s short-term staffing needs and present profiles of new candidates to them on a regular basis.
  • to continually explore and implement new ways to forge stronger bonds with our field employees.
  • to pro-actively market excellent candidates to both prospective and existing clients on a regular basis–even when no job order has been submitted to us.
  • to provide our field employees with complete detailed performance information necessary to assess their prior job performance and improve future performance toward the ultimate goal of achieving a corresponding job offer from our client.
  • to provide our job applicants with relevant career search and interview counseling and related services to enhance their marketability and likelihood of receiving a legitimate job offer.


The Components of Quality…..
  • We will pro-actively devise and re-evaluate our methods to facilitate identifying the needs of our clients.


  • We will avoid ethical dilemmas through prompt, direct and frank communication with clients, field employees and job applicants.


  • We will seek candidates who are emotionally-invested in their careers and do their work for the art of it.


  • We will strive to ensure our field employees are adequately prepared for their new assignments.


  • We will establish an entrepreneurial work environment to allow our staff teams to freely create unique solutions for their business needs.


  • Our sales and service staff will work closely together to evaluate job applicants and prepare our field employees.


  • We will practice intuitive due diligence to thoroughly identify an applicant’s essential “soft skills.”


  •  We will streamline task cycles to ensure information and services are dispensed as quickly as possible.


Temporary positions traditionally involve the initial 400 man hours on any job as OUR employee. Subsequently, however, anyone having satisfied that requirement may accept a permanent job offer directly with our Client company, presuming one is extended, at NO COST WHAT-SO-EVER.


Pretty neat deal where everyone is a WINNER; Client company gets the employee they need……..Applicant receives a job……….Red Carpet Employment Agency receives a modest profit from the Client company to cover its costs.

We can screen for
your specific needs.

Because we are family owned and operated, we have the ability to screen for almost anything. Our state-of- the-art staffing specific software allows us to keyword search our database of over 25,000 candidates for specific skills, previous employers, locations, education, credentials, and salary expectations. Beyond the skill search, our recruiters hand-select each candidate and personally communicate with each candidate that is submitted to any/every position. If needed, candidates’ criminal background, credit check, and/or motor vehicle reports are processed. Upon completing the interview process, reference checks, drug screening, finger printing, FBI searches, TB testing, safety testing, etc., are processed upon request.

Why spend hours
when you can interview in minutes?

Constantly creating new interviewing opportunities in an effort to accommodate the busy schedules of our client companies, we offer everything from traditional face-to-face interviews to video interviewing that can be emailed and watched repeatedly as well as shared with other decision makers. We have been known to conduct telephone, skype, and face time interviews to close the gap between employers and that perfect match.

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