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For Applicants

We are your employer!

Regardless of where you are assigned, WE ARE YOUR EMPLOYER.  We are responsible for your payroll, withholding taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment, etc.  If there are any problems such as being able to report to work on time, unable to report for work, any problems that may arise causing you to miss work, REPORT THEM TO US IMMEDIATELY, as well as to the company you are assigned to.  If your situation arises after hours, please call the office OR the after hours number and leave the name of the company you are assigned to, your phone number and a brief message.

Work Habits

    Even a few minutes early is better.
    ALWAYS follow all rules and regulations and be sure to report any violations you see. Safety equipment that is issued to you by RED CARPET or our client company must be returned once your assignment is complete. Failure to do so will result in either a purchase of that equipment being deducted from your check or that paycheck being held at our office until the equipment is returned.
    Always dress appropriately for your assignment and carry a positive attitude—WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE YOU WORKING AS A RED CARPET TEMPORARY. If you are in doubt about the dress code ask your counselor.
    Listen very carefully to the supervisor’s instructions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your new assignment. Call us if you have any problems.
    Introduce yourself to your supervisor. Let him know you’re a Red Carpet TEMPORARY.
    Pay rates are not to be discussed with other temporaries or our client company employees. If you have any questions concerning your wages, those should be directed to your counselor at our office.
    Call your counselor the first day of your new assignment. Let us know how things are going, any changes or if you are approached about a position with the client company.
    Avoid becoming involved in a situation with another employee, report these problems to your supervisor as well as you counselor. Avoid becoming involved in any labor disputes. If you encounter a picket line or see other signs of a labor/management dispute, call RED CARPET immediately.

Pay Day

Timecards are your responsibility.  Your time card must be filled out correctly and SIGNED BY YOUR SUPERVISOR on the last day of your assignment.  Any timecard that does not have the proper signature(s) on it, WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.  Do not assume that your supervisor or a co-worker will get your time card to us; it IS NOT their responsibility.  It is also your responsibility to insure that the information is correct with proper clock-in and clock-out time.

All time cards MUST be in our office on Monday by 5:00 p.m., payroll time frame is one week behind.  Checks are available for pick up on Friday between 8:30 and 5:00 p.m.  If someone is to pick up your paycheck for you, we MUST receive notification prior to their arrival at our office, with approval in writing from you and they must be willing to provide proper identification before your check will be released.  We reserve the right to charge a $20.00 stop payment fee for lost checks and this will be deducted from the check to be re-issued.

If you feel there is a mistake on your paycheck, please notify your counselor or supervisor immediately, DO NOT wait for several weeks to pass.  Upon investigation of the matter and if an error has occurred, we will make the necessary corrections in a timely manner.


As a RED CARPET TEMPORARY working for us provides an excellent opportunity for you to impress clients who may have full time positions available.  If you are interested in becoming a full time employee with a client company or if you are offered a position with a client company, notify your counselor right away.

Thank you for choosing Red Carpet Eployment Agency, INC.

We Value Your Opinion!

The reputation and continued success of RED CARPET EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, INC. depends on excellent employees like you!
We appreciate your efforts and we value your judgment.  Please feel comfortable to contact any member of our staff, at any time.  If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, we invite and welcome them.

Misty Price

Cheers to all the hard working ladies at Red Carpet Employment Agency! You are all such wonderful people who really show people how much you care by helping them with all of their needs while searching for employment! Just wanted you ladies to know that it really does matter to and mean the world to hard working people who really want a job so thanks so much for all you do daily. Wendy Butler-Harman this is for you and your family at the Red Carpet Employment Agency letting you know that there are still people who appreciate all the hard work you do to help others in their time of need. Thank you all

Angela Brooks

So I went to Red Carpet at the end of October 2016 by November 4,2016 I had a job interview and by Monday I had a job. So I just finished my 400 hour with them last week. Now I’m on the company payroll with a job I love. I had a great experience with everyone at Red Carpet. If I had it to do all over I wish I would have gone there first after I got laid off in September 2016. If you need a job GO SEE THEM AT RED CARPET!!!!

RED CARPET EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, INC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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