For Employers

Our firm works closely with its client companies to remain flexible in achieving the mutually shared team goal of procuring the “right” employment candidates for the needs of the client.  ONE reason we’re capable of this flexible structure is that we’re an independent firm rather than being part of an inflexible corporate structure.  Many of our corporate clients appreciate this ability in contrast to the sometimes rigid situations they customarily endure.

For instance, as part of our screening we “pre-qualify” applicants through extensive testing.  On more than one occasion we’ve collaborated with our clients to arrive at a test specifically tailored to meet their needs.  {For additional information view the video above}

Remember, also, that OUR firm is actually the “employer”.  This relieves the client company of such burdens as worker’s comp, unemployment (federal & state), salaries, social security, government reporting, wage deductions, etc.  After a routine credit application approval our clients are on “open account” status.  They subsequently receive simple invoices for the services and hours worked by the temporary at the “agreed upon” pricing.

It is not uncommon for our clients to refer their own job applicants to our firm.  This allows this candidate to “prove” their net worth as OUR employee before becoming eligible to work as the client’s own employee.  Quite simply, in this fashion, our clients remove themselves from the customary employment liability involved if this “trial” relationship fails to work out.

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